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Max Lv:85
Start Lv:1
Start Location:Retail
Exp Zones:Custom


Safe: +4
Max Enchant: +150
MAx Enchant D: +20
Max Enchant C: +25
Max Enchant B: +30
Max Enchant A: +35(Armor)+75(Weapon)
Max Enchant S: +50(Armor)+150(Weapon)
Max Enchant Accessories: Depends
Normal Chance: 70%
Break= bye bye item
Blessed Chance: 95%
Blessed Chance S: 93%
Break= 0
There are different Chances for each Accessories

Enchantment Bonuses

Enchantment Bonuses at: |+4|+16|+30|+45|+60|+75| (A Weapons)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+4|+16|+30|+45|+60|+75|+90|+100|+125|+150 (S Weapons)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+6|+20| (C Armor Sets)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+6|+25| (B Armor Sets)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+6|+20|+25|+30|+35| (A Armor Sets)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+6|+20|+25|+30|+35|+50| (S Armor Sets)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+4|+10|+15|+20|+25|+30 (Tattoos)
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+4|+10|(Nobless Tiara +10 Bonuses: +1 |STR|DEX|WIT|INT|CON|MEN )
Enchantment Bonuses at: |+4|+10|+20|+30|+40|+50(Rest Masks)


Buff Slot 48
Buff time 2 hours
Added Dances/Songs Lv 2 Into Swordsinger/Bladencer(only through character)
Premium Buffs
Possible to sell buffs: command: .sellbuffs


Mid-Rate Server combined with custom items and enchantment bonus,
server is focused on hard farm. Grinding server with many opportunities,
such as killing rbs,achievement system,daily reward,Evolved Pets,
improved passive skills,possible to enchant Masks,modified nobless quest and much more.

Premium Bonuses

+25% ExP/Sp
+25% Drop
+2% Chance for enchants
Premium Buffs
2x Buff Time

Enchant Skills

Possibility to enchant Passive Skills (Weapon/Armor Mastery)
Each +1 on Weapon Mastery gives you +5% Pve DMG
Each +1 on Armor Mastery gives you +1% P.Def
Added Giant's codex mastery into Game

Pet Info

Added Evolved Pets: Max 30 (each time you want to evolve your pet it has 1% chance for success - recommended using Giant's codex Mastery)
(Each New Pet +5% better stats, can help you with farming)

Custom Items

Custom Accessories:Masks/Shirts

Custom Farm Zones

Dragon Valley Cave
Frost Lake
Brigand Stronghold
Monastery Silence


Achievement System
Champion Stage System
Daily Reward
Market (allowed to sell/buy enchanted/augmented weapons/armors)


Deathmatch (Lv 20 - 39) - Reward Deathmatch Coin
Capture the Flag (Lv 40 - 60) - Reward Capture the Flag Coin
Team vs Team (Lv 61 - 80) - Reward TVT Coin