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Collaborate with the server and earn rewards!

Why donate?

By donating you are helping to keep the server online, with quality and always updated.
You get Coin of Luck's as a reward for collaboration that can be redeemed for various items in game.

  • Coin of Luck: 1€

Buy Donate Coins

1€ 1 Coin of Luck
10€ 10 Coin of Luck
19€ 20 Coin of Luck
25€ 30 Coin of Luck
50€ 70 Coin of Luck
100€ 150 Coin of Luck

+25% Experience / Skill Points
+25% Drop
+2% for enchant
2x buff time
Premium Buffs
7 Days Premium 5 COL
30 Days Premium 10 COL
90 Days Premium 25 COL
Color Name/Title 3 Coins of Luck
No Karma 5 Coin of Luck
Clan Level 8 5 Coin of Luck
Clan Skills 15 Coin of Luck for All Skill
Noblesse 15 Coin of Luck
Noblesse Tiara +10 10 Coin of Luck
Lv 75 and +30 A Weapon +15 A Set 20 Coin of Luck